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"State of the Art" Diagnostic

and Therapeutic Equipment

brought to your horse's stable.

Phillip has made a considerable investment in equipment so that he can offer the best possible service to his clients. He aims to travel with the majority of kit with him in his fully equipped practice vehicle at all times so that any investigations can be completed and treatment started within one visit.

Portable X-Ray Machine

X-rays in your horse's stable including feet, limbs, head and neck.

No issues with transporting lame horses for radiographic investigations.

Direct Radiography Processor

X-ray results in minutes in your stable. This allows correct management of a lameness, particularly a fracture, from the outset, or on the spot examination at a vetting.

Portable Digital Ultrasound Machines

High detail tendon and ligament scanning.

Abdominal and Cardiothoracic capability to allow investigation of heart murmurs, colic, weight loss

Reproduction and Fertility applications.

Portable ECG machine

Evaluation of cardiac electrical activity and arrhytmia at rest.

Remote recording of heart rhythm at exercise to investigate poor performance.

Remote Dynamic Videoendoscopy.

"Overground" imaging of your horse's upper airway at exercise cam be arranged for definitive diagnosis of abnormal respiratory noises and poor performance.

Motorised Dental Equipment.

Motorised dental burr for overgrowth removal and bit seating.

Low profile rasps with carbide blades for fast, comfortable treatment even in the smallest mouths!

Phillip would be happy to discuss your horses's veterinary needs

with you at any time.

Please call or email for any further information you may require or to register your horse.