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Equine Veterinary Service,

provided by an experienced, and highly competent RCVS Certificate

Holder in Equine Practice, including:

Routine Vaccinations and General Healthcare.

Reminder service to avoid restarts.

Dentistry with sedation on the spot if required.

Routine care with annual reminder service.

Motorised overgrowth removal and bit seating.

Wolf tooth extraction.

Worming advice and planning.

Competitive wormer pricing to registered clients - please ask Phillip, he would rather work to prevent worm related disease than treat it!

Pre-purchase examination.

Thorough examination and report.

Sound, pragmatic advice based on experience as a vet and a rider.

Can travel to all areas of Northern England.

Routine blood testing and storage.

Radiography and Ultrasonography on the spot if required.

Wound Management.

Acute and chronic wounds.

Skin grafting and other plastic surgery techniques.

Best cosmetic results with maximum function.

Sarcoid management - medical and cryosurgical techniques.

Lameness Investigations.

All Nerve and Joint blocks routinely performed during yard visits.

Digital radiography in your horse's stable.

X-ray results in minutes on your yard.

Digital ultrasound in your horse's stable.

Access and referrals to approved physiotherapists.

Collaborative approach with owner's farrier.

Experience with stem cell implantation techniques for tendon and ligament injuries.

Medical investigations.

Endoscope always available.

Cardiothoracic and abdominal ultrasound capabilities.

Laboratory blood testing.

Poor Performance Investigation.

Laboratory blood and tracheal wash testing.

"Overground" remote endoscopy system.

Portable ECG recorder for use at rest and at exercise.

Competition Horse Management

Advice on Fitness and Training regimes.

Dietary advice including electrolyte usage, tie-up prevention

Management of "moody mares".

Pre and Post competition evaluation.

Advice on competition day management to optimise performance, prevent injury and promote quickest recovery.

Stallion and Broodmare management.

Routine Standing Castration at home yard.

Dedicated portable ultrasound for broodmare examination.

Experienced with chilled semen AI techniques.

EHV and rotavirus vaccinations.

Veteran Horse Care.

Cushings Disease testing and treatment.

Chronic laminitis management.

Dietary advice and weight management.

Sensitive and caring management in the latter stages of life.

Bloodstock sales attended if required.

Access to International Experts and Specialists in all fields.

24hr Emergency Service for Registered

(active in previous 12 months) Clients.

Pager: 07623 984205

Unregistered horses (or clients not seen in previous 12 months) will only be attended on an emergency basis following prepayment of travel and examination fee(including out-of-hours fee if appropriate) by credit or debit card.

Credit will not be given unless by prior arrangement.

Referrals accepted on an ethical Basis.

Phillip would be happy to discuss your horses's veterinary needs

with you at any time.

Please call or email for any further information you may require or to register your horse.